Illustration can really add a wow factor to your project! It has the power to depict and convey messages that sometimes text alone cannot.  Having worked on purely digital illustration commissions as well as hand drawn/digital hybrid projects, I can help you work out what’s the best creative solution for you and your business.

Below are a few examples of some digital illustrations I’ve undertaken.

A COLOURFUL GUIDE TO OXFORDcolourfulmapgraphicI produced the map and guide for this event, all digitally  illustrated to give a unique, vibrant and quirky feel to the brochure.

JAMPUPPYjampuppy-imagesAs well as working on commercial projects I also create a variety of prints and products for the Jampuppy shop.

Think hand drawn illustration might be a better suit for your project? Hop over to the Jampuppy hand drawn illustration page for more information.





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