About Jampuppy

Your business is unique. No matter how many people there are in your industry, no business is identical to yours. No one else has exactly your ideas, your personality, your passion, or your goals. Which is why your business shouldn’t look like anyone else’s. It should look as unique as it is.

That’s why I created Jampuppy – to help awesome independent businesses make their mark in their market with beautiful, thoughtful, fun designs that set them apart from the crowd.

At first I carried on working in marketing and did some freelance creative projects on the side – from designing logos and leaflets to winning two illustration commissions for The London Mint Office. Then I headed to the University of Gloucestershire to do a Masters Degree in Visual Communication, broadening my design experience and sharpening up my creative insight. Not long after graduating in 2017 I took the leap of starting my own design studio and, in the leafy town of Brackley in south Northamptonshire, where I’m still based today, Jampuppy was born.

design services

Logo design

From your logo itself to your choice of colours and fonts, your branding is the face of your business – so it needs to reflect who you are and what makes you unique. I can help you figure those things out and then visually communicate them, giving you an identity you love and your customers a real feel for what your company stands for.


Illustrative design is both playful and powerful – and is one of the most fun ways to make your business look and feel very different from other commercial marketing. I love to work on both hand-drawn and digital illustration commissions, so if you’re interested in going down this route we can work out together what style will best draw your business into life!

graphic design

Whether you need to give your business cards a boost, lay out a lovely leaflet, make a magnificent magazine, or pretty-up some posters, I’m here to help. And to make sure that not only do all your printed materials look great, but also give people a positive and consistent picture of your brand values and personality.