Terms & Conditions

Here’s all the Terms & Conditions that apply to my services! (I’ve kept it brief don’t worry!) But it’s important to note that all work undertaken by myself is on the understanding that you (the customer) has agreed to the below. You can always find these T&C’s on my website homepage (just scroll right down to the bottom!)


I’ll normally send over a quote for my design services via email. At the time of your (the customer’s) acceptance of a quotation, you also agree to the Terms & Conditions of Jampuppy Design Studio.


I’ll send you an invoice when all the work is done. I always make sure my customers are 100% happy with their design work before signing off & invoicing. All invoices stipulate a 14 day payment period, unless agreed otherwise.


There’s often times where a customer wants to move in a slightly different direction or add an additional element to the project. There’s absolutely no issue with this, but it may go beyond the time initially allocated & quoted for. If I do need more time, I’ll always let you know before hand and let you know any additional charges.


I like to work collaboratively with my customers, sharing and building ideas and projects as a partnership. Therefore if your project includes you (the customer) supplying text, images & other data to me for inclusion, you declare that it holds the appropriate copyright &/or trademark permissions, & you agree that you will not hold me accountable for any claims that may arise due to not having obtained the correct permissions.

Last updated October 2020.