Logo Design: Beaumont & Green

This fabulous start-up knew that before they could actually start up they needed to get their branding in order – so we set about dreaming up logo ideas to fit with their passion and ethos.

Beaumont & Green create natural wax melts (kind of like a scented candle, but longer-lasting and without the wick) and their brand is all about beauty, freshness, nature, and fun. So the logo we developed together embodies their style, using muted tones, a mixture of simple, elegant fonts and more creative, stylish script, and illustrations drawn from the great outdoors.

Rianna of Jampuppy Design Studio is fantastic! She created a logo for my business and completely ‘got’ what I wanted even though I didn’t have a clue. The logo she came up with is absolutely perfect. She’s really easy to work with and full of fab (and, more importantly, useful) advice. I couldn’t be happier and I’m desperately searching for an excuse to work with her again! Thank you, Rianna.

– Jo, Beaumont & Green